dedan request!! it was tough but I had to since dedan is my favourite guardian. who can resist that angelic face.

I knew a guy name Cayle once. (pronounced KAY ull) Would that work for male Cali? :)

Oh my gosh that is actually really really cute! Male Cali is Cayle. This is fact now.

WOW this is awesome

Ah thank you so very much ;v;

Wip pic for today. Working on the comm for Kimbley-chan. Mostly working on the background. Gonna finish up the skyline and the moon and stuff then work on adding details into the background after that. Then color in the characters, shade and done =v=

This’ll be the last Cali and Leny picture for awhile I swear. This is just a genderbended picture of the two that I sketched out last year in January. Found it in a folder earlier today and figured I’d finish it.

I present to you Laura and Collin :D (best names I could think up on the spot)


I hate it when I get inspired to art

and then I art

and the art says no


Danny hair+silly faces appreciation post. (x) 


November 13, 2012 - July 22, 2014

Took Leny two years to trim his goddamn nails.

reblogging cause I posted this at 2am