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  kbonzo said:
I'm currently reading up on comic page construction and since I love how your pages turn out, I was wondering if you have any recommended reading or certain rules you follow?


Ah geeze, my page layouts are all pretty standard, actually.  Most of what I know I picked up from comics I’ve read, and advice from friends.  

I like to follow the KISS rule: Keep It Simple, Stupid.  95% of my Fritz pages look like this:

Things I think are important:

  • Big panels feel like they have more time passing in them, while smaller panels feel very quick.  Open panels can create a great scene of lingering or slowed time (don’t put them too close together, it can get confusing when they’re touching.)
  • Establishing shots to open new scenes, so the reader knows where the fuck we are and what characters are there.  If you’re going back to an already established location, you can fudge it and rely on ‘land marks’ of the location.  
  • Gutters, they separate your panels and give them room to breath, and clarity.  I like to avoid black gutters for this reason.  
  • Breaking the panel should be used sparingly, but is a great way to make the action really ‘pop’.  
  • Every page should have at least one background, to ground the characters and setting. 
  • Word bubbles from different panels shouldn’t be too close or touching.  Most people read the words on a page first, and this can mess up you panel order by leading their eye wrong. 
  • Keep dialog short and sweet, don’t cover your characters in words. Save large amounts of text for large panels. 
  • Show don’t tell.  Comics are a visual medium, have fun with your art. 

Now, all rules can be broken.  I wing pages a lot, and go with my gut when it comes to a lot of my decisions in layout.  Comics are visual art first, so if something doesn’t follow the ‘rules’ but feels right/looks good, I’d say go for it.  Experiment and have fun!  The more comics you draw, the better they get.

Read lots of comic, from different artists, and think about what you like about their work.  Movies are great, too, for figuring out tricks for visual transitions and scene layouts.  I have a habit of imagining how I would draw some transitions/scenes to get the same feeling in still, black and white pictures.  

I hope this helps! 



remember that time when we-


Heading off to the airport now to go see its-me-sb

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Number taken from here

Caprice isn’t a big music buff but does tend to like classical music. And if her and Leny were in the same universe then he’d probably be one to object to her musical tastes, but that’s because he’s a jerk.

Woo just got home and hey why not livestream some arts today :D Will be working on a commission for silverdrifter and drawing responses to numbers taken from this post

Will post the link when the stream is up (which should be in about 10-15 minutes)


Send me number(s) along with the OC(s) and I’ll answer:

  1. If your OC was part of a group project, would they goof off or help work on the project?
  2. Do they procrastinate?
  3. If your OC was at a dance party what would they do?
  4. How good are your OC’s dancing skills?
  5. Has your OC been caught doing anything embarrassing and if so, what was it?
  6. How would your OC react if they found out their fave was problematic?
  7. What kind of music does your OC like and does anyone judge them because of it?
  8. Would your OC have loads of pencils on hand or ask for pencils later to lose them the next day?
  9. Is there anything that your OC is extremely good at but hates doing?
  10. If your OC plays a horror game, would they chicken out after the first 15 minutes or play through the entire thing?
  11. Would your OC get lost in a mall the minute they walk inside?
  12. Does your OC know more than one language and if so, what are they and how fluent are they in said languages?
  13. Does your OC like magic or science more?
  14. Is there anything that your OC is extremely passionate about?
  15. How easily does your OC break things?
  16. What allergies does your OC have and how bad are they?
  17. What are your OC’s spending habits like?
  18. Does your OC hate anyone to the point of being pissed off at everything they do?
  19. If there was someone drawing, who would go up to that person and say, “draw me”?
  20. Who would do dangerous stunts for attention?
  21. Who would buy and send their friends weird things they find over the internet?
  22. Who’s cooking skills are so bad that there’s a good chance they could burn water?
  23. Who would force their friends to watch a show dubbed by 4kids?
  24. Who’s more likely to get into meaningless arguments over things like how gif is pronounced?
  25. Who’s more likely to be caught dancing/singing to a song they like that no one likes?